Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC)

The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission, in partnership with their stakeholders, ensures workplace safety, and care for workers. Their goal is to eliminate workplace illnesses and injuries.


Together with their partners, the WSCC provides services to almost 40,000 workers and 4,000 employers in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. To ensure the safety of northern workplaces, the WSCC conducts over 1,000 workplace inspections, and processes over 3,000 worker illness and injury claims, annually. The Commission is the only workers’ compensation organization in Canada providing coverage for workers and employers for more than one province or territory in Canada.


The WSCC believes workplace incidents and injuries are preventable. To this end, the Commission works with their partners to expand their reach and support to northern workers and companies. This includes funding the Northern Safety Association to provide important and meaningful health and safety-related training.


Northwest Territories and Nunavut Construction Association (NNCA)

The Northwest Territories and Nunavut Construction Association is a non-profit organization that represents nearly 200 companies in the northern construction industry. Its members include contractors, architects, engineers, project managers, suppliers, and manufacturers.


The NNCA publishes a weekly newsletter to keep NWT and Nunavut construction industry employers and workers up-to-date. The newsletter includes everything from job tenders and Request for Proposals opportunities to current issues and events.


The NNCA supports its members by:

  • Maintaining a plans room, where members can review tender plans and specifications to help prepare bids.

  • Distributing standard construction documents, such as contracts and industry best-practice guides published by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee and the Canadian Construction Association.

  • Creating and distributing their weekly newsletter.