Registered Auditor

In accordance with NSA Audit Protocol, each company self audit required to maintain COR must be submitted by an NSA Registered Auditor. The NSA's Principles of Health and Safety Management training encourages each company to tailor their health and safety program to suit their operations. The intent of the requirement for NSA Registered Auditor status is to assist in ensuring all audits received by the NSA are accompanied by the required supporting documentation and information.

Individuals who apply for Registered Auditor status must complete the NSA Principles of Health & Safety Management and Auditor Training Program courses (equivalent training through other Provincial jurisdictions may be given consideration for credit).

Items Required for Submission:

  • Verification of attendance and certification in Principles of Health and Safety Management and Auditor Training Program

  • Completion of a self qualification/internal audit

  • Submission of a completed audit instrument and required supporting documentation

  • Preparation of a written audit report

An NSA Registered Auditor Certificate will be issued upon successful evaluation and approval.

Registered Auditors must submit a self/maintenance audit on an annual basis in order to maintain their status.